Mobile Marketing : What do your customers find when they use their smart phone to view your website?

What are they looking for? What should they find?

Many websites are now offering sub-sites designed specifically for access by devices other than full-screen computers. S.M.A.C. Tech has the experience to transform your full website into one appropriate for mobile device users.

Smart phones, and Personal Digital Assistants -or PDAs - are ubiquitous. Blackberries, Palm Pilots, iPhones and web-enabled phones present individual requirements in browser specifications. Determining what can and should be served to these users is a unique blend of art and science. It is the art of determining what is appropriate and how it should be displayed and the science of coding specifically for all of the various devices.

Since our world relies on these mobile devices and PDA's for instant access, S.M.A.C. Tech is committed to keeping abreast of this emerging field of development and offers a special expertise in converting your website into a phone- and PDA-compatible resource for your customers to access. Whether you need to attach this capability into an existing website design or incorporate it into a new website development project, we can help.

Contact us to inquire how we can help your organization address this fluid and emerging field of Web Marketing for your website users.