Web Assessment : The care and attention we provide. The process we facilitate. The objectives we help you achieve.

No Detail is Overlooked.

Initially, to assist a potential client with a new web site project, we provide a complete review of your current web site. This review is complimentary and is designed to provide knowledge and information along with recommendations and suggestions.

Every aspect of your current site is assessed, including photos, links, e-mail and textual content. The information provided details what works and what does not within the hardware of your site. The Web Assessment is a concentrated report from a marketing perspective. All websites and other services that S.M.A.C. Tech provides is designed with everything from the basic to the most advanced marketing principles available.

It is our position that a website must focus on marketing your product or service first with everything else second. In the 21st century websites are one of the single most important factors in your marketing portfolio. Your website is your representation to the world. It contains insight to your business and your business philosophy therefore it requires a great deal of attention.

This in-depth multi page review will also consist of a detailed Domain Name Server (DNS) report. This report details the performance of the server running your website. At S.M.A.C. Tech no detail is overlooked and everything starts with a marketing focus on the finish line; Selling your products and services.