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Domain Name Server Reports.

It's common now to place a high priority on your website. We find, however that many businesses and organizations do not consider the responsibilities that come with hosting their website.

The DNS (Domain Name Server) report tool is designed to provide information about speed, and to point out potential factors that may reduce the DNS speed. Our DNS reports provides you with details of how well your website server is running and if there are areas of concern that you many not have been aware.

DNS Report 1 DNS Report 2

There are different variables within the DNS report. For example, reviewing the response time of your server may assist in determining if there is room for improvement in your website service to search engines and browsers alike. We'll also look at security issues like ability for your URL to be redirected to an undesirable location, and the ability for spammers to access your emails for illegal purposes.

Any of the above are serious areas of concern that could certainly cause unfortunate consequences, including added expenses. Just like a desktop computer can develop application errors and system problems over time, website servers can have very serious issues which don't allow your site to be accessed from all search engines, or allow exploit attacks from malicious processes. S.M.A.C. Tech can host your website securely at our Data Center where you can be assured that your website, your data and your confidence is stored safely with us.